Military Chair


Within the framework of agreement between Nakhimov Navy Academy and Taurida National Vernadsky University, we announce the admission of students for military training of reserve officers. Duration of training - 2,5 years. Cost of full training - 12,000 hrn. For additional information apply to the dean's offices of your faculties.

Training of Reserve Officers from among University Students


1. Military training of reserve officers of the Defence Ministry of Ukraine in the Crimean region is carried out by Military Training Department of Nakhimov Ukrainian Navy Academy (Sevastopol).
Agreement No. 617/112 from 09.01.2010 "On Military Training of Students on the Program for Reserve Officers" has been concluded between TNU and NUNA.
2. Regulatory basis: A joint order of the Minister of Defence and Minister of Education and Science No 531/857 from 11.11.2004, "On Approval of Regularion about Organіzation of Training of Reserve Officers from among the Students of Higher Educational Establishments"
3. Contingent: Full-time students, young men, fit to perform military service (in accordance with the conclusion of the recruitment medical examination.)
4. The organization of educational process.
Military training is carried out by the "army day" approach (one day per week).
Duration of training: 5 semesters of the 2-4 courses (from 4th to 8th  semesters).
Applying at the beginning of the 3rd semester.
Entrance examinations:

  • Occupational psychological selection (interview).
  • General physical preparation (qualifying standards).
  • Pre-conscription training (drill, testing).

The curriculum (in the elective component) contains discipline "Military Training" with the amount of 675 hours (auditorium block - 450 h and self-instruction - 225 h).
At the end of the 4th  year (July) - training session (30 days).
Upon completion of training, by order of Minister of Defense, graduating student is awarded the title of "Lieutenant of reserve"
5. Specialities



The humanities (Basic speciality - a separate
group - up to 30 people)


Operation and maintenance of radio
aids of submarines and warships

Technics (Optional speciality)


Operation and maintenance of radio
aids of coastal artillery pieces

Technics (Optional speciality)

6. Cost of training (academic year of 2011-2012):

  • Education: 2000 UAH. each semester x 5 = 10,000 UAH.
  • Training fees: 2000 UAH.
  • Total: 12 000 UAH.

The foreman of group 8101 student Cyril Grishchenko
is reporting to the supervisor of studies on the
corvette "Pridniprovye", deputy head of the departmen
t of training of reserve officers, Captain of the 1st Rank
A. Sokolan about the perfect readiness to the studies

The foreman of group 8101 student Cyril Grishchenko
is reporting to the commander of corvette
"Pridniprovye" Captain of the 3rd Rank Mikhail
Krivko of the arrival of groups to classes

List of documents submitted by students
Taurida National Vernadsky University

Passport and student ID card to prove the identity of the student.
Required documents (in a plastic file)

1. An application to the Dean of his faculty ( sample ) ( application form )
2. File of physical examination of person liable for military service ( list of documents required for the passage of medical commission )
3. Document from the military office, according to the set form, which indicates that the student is fit for duty on surface ships or on shore (Supplement 4) -.
4. Photocopy of Passport (1st page) and the identification code - on a single sheet;
5. Photocopy of the passport (2nd, 11th page) - on a separate sheet;
6. A photocopy of registration certificate - a separate sheet;
7. 2 3.5 x 4.5 photos with the -right corner (signed in pencil on the reverse side of the page)
8. Certificate of narcologist
9. Certificate of psychiatrist
Documents should be applied up to November 16, 2011.
On November 19, 2011 all who have provided a complete set of documents, will take entrance examinations to the Military Training Department of Reserve Officers:
1. Testing of the theoretical training of candidates and verification of practical skills in front-line service ( a list of theoretical questions );
2. Occupational and psychological selection;
3. Physical training.
If you have any question on training of reserve officers, you may consult A.F. Rybas, who is in charge of military training of TNU - daily from 8-00 to 9-30 in Room. 312 Building A. At another time – according to the schedule of Faculty of Physics.