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Sevastopol Economical & Humanitarian Institute (SEHI TNU)


Director Igor Voronin, doctor of geographical sciences, professor

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Address: Lisa Chaykina st., 80, Sevastopol
Postal address: Astana Kesayeva st., 14, Sevastopol, 98038



The structural division of  Taurida University in Sevastopol was based in 1919. The branch of University has been working in Sevastopol since 1995. The Sevastopol Economical & Humanitarian Institute of V. Vernadsky Taurida National University is created on the basis of the Sevastopol Humanitarian Faculty in 2000.

Director Igor Voronin

The Institute conducts preparation in the following directions / specialties:


Physical training

Physical training

Health of the person

Physical rehabilitation


Management of the organizations and administration (by types of economic activity)

Management of foreign economic activity




Tourism (by types)

Jurisprudence (Law)



Available training courses on preparation for external independent testing and enter into higher education institutions.

Sevastopol Economical & Humanitarian Institute In structure of institute work six departments, library (25 thousand items), the educational and computer center connected with the internal server of university and with Internet access, a gym, a massage office, and also other auxiliary services.
In 2013 since the structure of the institute Sudak educational consultation point of distance learning.

The institute conducts active research work. At the institute the scientific and thematic magazine «Journal of SEHI TNU» in which publishes the scientific articles of teachers and students of institute are issued. A series «Library of tourist’s business», is published numbering 30 releases.

The institute actively cooperates with Nurland’s University (BudØ, Norway) in questions of social adaptation and professional retraining of the military personnel of Armed forces of Ukraine and Paderborn’s University (Paderborn, Germany) within the international Project #543681-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-DE-TEMPUS-JPHES “Network of competence centre’s for the development of cruise tourism in the Black Sea region-CruiseT” and Bremen’s University (Bremen, Germany) within the international Project #543707-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-DE-TEMPUS-JPHES “Ecological Education for Belarus, Russia and Ukraine-EcoBRU”.

There is a Legal clinic (free legal advice) and a Voluntary service of psychological support (psychological aid provision).

The social program for pensioners «Formation of the third age» works at the institute. Within this program: carrying out computer courses; carrying out lectures on bases of actual economy; free legal advice; psychological trainings; courses in callanetics; carrying out local history excursions and day off campaigns.

In Ternovka village the rehabilitation center of riding (treatment patients with Cerebral palsy by an Rider therapy method) works.

On the basis of the contract with P. Nakhimov Academy of the Navies of Ukraine the chair of military preparation works. On completion the rank «sub lieutenant» is appropriated.


Tourism department

professor Voronin IgorHead of the department: doctor of geographical sciences, professor I. VORONIN

The department provides the following direction: «Tourism».
At the department work: professor Voronin Igor (The state certification); assistant professors (Ph.D, docent): Agarkova-Lyakh Irina (Ecology, tourism History, Marketing, Marketing in tourism); Lukyanenko Ekaterina (Technology of tourist activity, Rekrealogy, Specialized tourist markets); Makovskaya Darya (Organization of recreational services, Activity of the tourist amateur organizations, International travel business, Advertising and advertising activity); Novikova Elena (Regional geography, Tourist regional geography, Legal history of Ukraine, Legal history of foreign countries); Cheglazova Mariya (Tourist cartography, the Organization of transport services, the International tourism, Cruising tourism, Tourism in the countries of the Black Sea and Mediterranean basin, Advertising in tourism); senior teachers: Voronina Anna (Management of practice); Zaslavskaya Irina (Tourist resources of Ukraine, Recreational complexes, Recreational geography, Organization of services of nourishment, Technology of restaurant business, Technology of hotel business); teachers: Kondrykova Svetlana (The tourism organization, Standardization, certification of tourist services, the Organization of excursion services, Geography of Ukraine, Standardization and certification of the goods, works, services on types of economic activity); Kozlova Irina (Geography of the world economy, Museology, Bases of physical geography); Smirnov Dmitry (The organization of animation services in tourism).

Scientific direction of department: Problems and prospects of development of a tourist and recreational complex of the Sevastopol region. A series of monographs «Tourist industry library» is published at the department.

Foreign educational practical work in CIS countries and the European Union are led for students.


Departmentof management

Departmentof managementActing the head of the department: candidate of economic sciences (Ph.D) N. VASIL’CHUK

The department provides the following direction: «Management».
At the department work: professor Zehla Svetlana (Management and administration: management bases, administrative management, Theory of organization); assistant professors (Ph.D, docent): Vasil’chuk Natalia (International economic relations, Personnel management, Infrastructure of the markets, Systems of technologies, Strategic management, Management of tourism); Galushko Yevgeniy (Finances and finances of enterprise; Financial market, Finances, money and credit, Management a tourist enterprise, Management of tourist enterprises); Rotanov Gennadiy (Informative management, Bases of investment policy, Management of VED, Government control of economy, Regional economy, External economic policy); Sachenok Ljudmila (Foreign economic activity of enterprise, Analysis of activity of enterprise, International credit-calculationand currency operations); Khalilov Arsen (International financial management, Management export-import operations, Bases of theory of the systems and analysis of the systems, Management projects, Risk i in management, Economic security); Yaschenko Alla (Economic theory, Theory of state administration); senior teachers: Zelinskaya Yelena (Statistics, Tourist statistics, Accounting, Bases of insurance, Audit, Kontroling, Tax systems, Taxes and tax policy); teachers: Voronin Il’ya (Sport tourism, Educational practice).

Scientific direction of department: Determination of the system of mechanisms of personnel management of enterprise.



Department of law

The head of the department: candidate of law sciences (Ph.D) N. EREMEEVA.

(Ph.D) N. EREMEEVAThe department provides the following direction: «Law».
At the department work: professor Rotan Vladimir (Civil law, Labour law, Actual problems of theory of the state and law); associate professors: Utrendeeva Khalida(History of studies about the state and law, International public law, International private law, Ecolaw, Agrarian law); Eremeeva Natalia (Civil law, Civil procedure, Administrative process, Roman law, Economic process); Pasternak Yelena (Theory of the state and law, Municipal (communal) law, statebuilding and local self-government); Syedin Nickolay (Constitutional law and processof Ukraine); senior teachers: Ekimova Zul’fiya (Legal clinic); Osadchuk Oksana (Criminal law, Criminal process, Criminology); Fecenko Yelena (Administrative law, Domestic law, Civil law, Law of intellectual ownership, Landed law); Fomichev Vladimir (Judicial and law-enforcement bodies of Ukraine, Advocacy of Ukraine, Jurisprudence); Khodyko Alina (Banking law, Exchange law, Tax law, Financial law, Custom law, Right for public welfare).

Scientific direction of department: Problems of foundation of the legal state in Ukraine. The students of department pass practical preparation in judicial bodies, office of public prosecutor, management of justice of the Sevastopol region.


The Department of Physical Rehabilitation

The Department of Physical RehabilitationThe head of the department: candidate of medical sciences (Ph.D, docent) L. YALANSKAYA.

The department provides the following direction: «Health of human» («Physical rehabilitation») и «Physical training».

At the department work: professorBukov Yuri (Bases of rehabilitation); associate professors (Ph.D, docent):Andrienko Tatyana (Physiology of man, Age-dependent physiology, Biochemistry, Sporting pharmacology, Sporting physiology, Biochemistry of muscular activity); Konovalchuk Vadim (Biomechanics, Physical rehabilitation in neurology, Anatomy of man, Sporting morphology and dynamic anatomy, Physical rehabilitation at violations and damages of locomotorium); Myakinkova Margarita (Dietetics, Physicalrehabilitation at somatopathies, Increase of sporting trade, Health types of gymnastics, Aquafitness, Bases of age-dependent rehabilitation, Pedagogical practice); Yalanskaya Liliya (Massage, Physical recreation, Health physicalculture and recreation); senior teachers: Volkova Danara (Gymnastics, Theory and method of adaptive physical culture, Physical education, Sporting games, at Health run); Popolitov Roman (Track-and-field, Olympic and professional sport, Sporting metrology, Athleticism, History of physicalculture, Method of olympic education, Medical physical culture, Untraditional methods of treatment at pathology of locomotorium and nervous system); Rossinskiy Konstantin (A health of children care, Helping in urgent situations); Schokin Denis (A theory and method of physical education, single Combat, Basis of general theory of sport, Preparation of sportsmen in the groups of high sporting trade and sporting improvement).

Practical preparation of students of department is carried out in medical and rehabilitation establishments of Sevastopol.

Scientific direction of department: Study of physiological bases of action of facilities of physica rehabilitation on the organism of man.
In 2006 the grand of international benevolent fund of «CRONA» was won for developmentof theme: «Rider therapy as natural factor in the system of restorationmedicine and socially-psychological rehabilitation of children, patients by child’s cerebral paralysis».


Department of general psychology

The head of the department: candidate of psychological sciences (Ph.D) E. KIREYCHEVA.

The departmentprovides the direction of preparation: «Psychology»
At the department work: associate professors (Ph.D, docent): Gordova Yelena (History of psychology, Psychology of personalit, Psychicsphysiology, Experimental psychology, Psychology of adict conduct, Conflictology, Management Psychology); Kireychev Andrey (Psychology of religion, Political psychology, sport Psychology, Psychology of business and advertising, Psychological aspects of PR, Psychology of mass communications, Organizational psychology, Psychoactivator, Basesof engineering psychology and ergonomics, Conduct of user); Kireycheva Evgeniya (Psychology of labour, Psychological bases of vocational orientation, Art of intercourse, Oratorical art, Legal dientology, Rhetoric, Psychology of interpersonality intercourse); senior teachers Tushinceva Ljudmila (Age-dependent psychology, Clinical psychology, Psychology in a somatic clinic, Perinatal’ psychology and psychology of parents, Psychotherapy, Business protocol).

Students of speciality «psychology» pass practical preparation in cityCenter of psychical health, medical and child's establishments of the city.


Departmentof social and humanitarian disciplines

(Ph.D, docent) L. BUNECKIY.The head of the department: candidate of political sciences (Ph.D, docent) L. BUNECKIY.
A department provides reading of socially-humanitarian disciplines on all of directions of preparation of the institute.

At the department work: assistant professors (Ph.D, docent): Buneckiy Leonid (Logic, political Science, Sociology, Conflictology, Bases of scientific knowledges, Method of organization and leading of scientific researches); Kireycheva Evgeniya (Labour protection, labour protection in the field, civil defence); Kryukova Natalia Vasiliyevna (German); Mironenko Viktoriya (English); Naumova Nadezhda (Philosophy, Ethics and Aesthetics, Culture, Sociology, Philosophy of law); Ternickaya Svetlana (Pedagogics, Pedagogics and psychology of higher school, History of the Ukrainian culture, Social pedagogics and social work, Safetyof vital functions); Tsibulska Lyudmila (Informatics and innovation, The newest information technologies, Information technologies in tourism, Mathematical Statistics, Econometrics, Intellectual property); Chistovskaya Irina (History of Ukraine, Culture, Religion); Shatalova Julia (Highermathematics, Higher and appliedmathematics, Ekonometriya); senior teachers: Bogdanova Alexandra (Ukrainian of professional direction, Business Ukrainian); Kutsova Maria (English, English of professional communication, Business English); Recer’ Olga (Business German language, German language of professional direction); Stasyshena Liana (Business German language, German language of professional direction); Til’k Dmitriy (Informatics and computer technologies, Newest information technologies, Information and innovative technologies, Informative systems and technologies, Bases of informatics).

Scientific direction of department: Modern liberal education in high school: problems and prospects of development.